New Year Update

Hello beautiful people,

I hope whatever holidays you celebrate have been fantastic and drama-free so far.  As we wrap up the arbitrary category of time measurement that is a calendar year, I just wanted to give a quick update on where we are in the wonderful world of SUNDOWN.

A few weekends ago, I trekked down to Brooklyn NY to spend the weekend with our editor Amy Leland to work on a cut of the movie.  I actually made a little video of my trip, but it was mostly us sitting in front of a computer screen.  This was (shockingly) not compelling viewing.  In the stead of the video, I present to you a photo of our lead actor Grayson Powell looking concerned:

I'm super serious, guys!
I’m super serious, guys!


Now that’s some acting, eh?  After several hours of my nitpicking and Amy’s endless patience, we came very close to having a cut we are happy with!  In the next few weeks, we should have the final cut which will be the foundation of the film you eventually see.  The next steps after that will be to send the film away for post production sound design and color correction.  And then, we have a movie!  Thus begins the humiliating parade of rejection known as the film festival submission process.  Hooray!

Happy New Arbitrary Category of Time Measurement!


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