November update

Happy November SUNDOWN backers!

With all the anxiety and fear in the air these days, the SUNDOWN team has doubled down effort on throwing ourselves as fully as possible into creativity.  I am a big believer in counteracting despair with hope and nothing fills me with hope more than making films.  So that’s what we’re going to continue to do.  Oh, and also not spend as much time on social media.  That stuff’s brain poison.

Apocalypse aside, it has been an unseasonably warm autumn in the American northeast and the post-production of the movie is heating up.  Our editor Amy Leland has been hard at work, building the foundation of the film.  Cut after cut, it is starting to take shape and all early signs indicate that we have something you’re really going to like.  There’s lots more work to do, but I’m uncharacteristically optimistic.  We even got wunderkind Nina Kremer to recreate her dulcet tones in the voice-over booth (i.e. her mom’s office):


Such a pro.

We are also still chipping away on delivering rewards.  Lasagnas have been baked, lullabys have been sung, promises kept.  Please keep an eye on your email because I may be asking you for info to get your rewards to you.

That’s the news from SUNDOWN HQ.  As always, the entire team is eternally grateful for making our movie happen.  Have safe and happy holidays and stay tuned for movie news.

And don’t blame me – I voted for McGovern.


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