Crew Conversation: Director of Photography Leticia de Bortoli

It’s time to learn more about the person in charge of making SUNDOWN look good – our amazing director of photography Leticia de Bortoli:

Leticia has made beautiful films on multiple continents. We chatted about horror films, Batman, and glazed donuts:

Brendan: Do you want to tell the story of how we met?

Leticia: Sure. Keep the police and drugs in?

Brendan: We’re all about honesty here at SUNDOWN HQ.

Leticia: I met you at a film festival in Vermont. You were with (Porcelain) Dalya who also had a film there. Sometime in the mingle hour you told me “I hate horror films. It’s so stupid”. This was a horror film festival that I had a film in it. So I liked you.

Brendan: I’m such a charmer, aren’t I?

Leticia: Yeah. I’m a jerk, so I like jerks.

Brendan: Since we’ve been working together, I have learned three things about you: 1) You are funny in at least two languages. 2) You wear sweatpants on almost every occasion. 3) You are almost creepily easy to work with. What have you learned so far about me?

Leticia: You’re funny. You’re cool. You’re good working with people. You love Batman. I suspect your favorite Batman is Val Kilmer. And most importantly, you are able to write without sexist stuff. That’s wonderful.

Brendan: Val Kilmer is definitely NOT my favorite Batman. But I do rank him above Christian Bale. Who’s your favorite Batman?

Leticia: “I hate Batman. It’s so stupid”

Brendan: Blasphemy.

Leticia: For real, Christian Bale. I loved when they cut off the fake nipples from the suit.

Brendan: I go with Kevin Conroy who voiced him on the animated series because I am a neeeeeerd.

Leticia: Oh, such a hipster.

Brendan: Tell the people a little bit about your background in film and in life.

Leticia: I’m originally from Brasil. I graduated film school there. I studied a bit more in Argentina. I started with feature films and then made some shorts. Somewhere around that time, I came to the US. I do cinematography for projects that I think are cool and that are not my writing/directing style. I work on as many good films as I can, and I eat as many glazed donuts as I can.

Brendan: Um… I believe it is spelled “Brazil.” Get it right.

Leticia: I know – foreign languages are fictional for many Americans.

Brendan: What are you most looking forward to about shooting SUNDOWN?

Leticia: I’m excited to be working on a character/acting driven film that perfectly fits a beautiful natural look. I’m planning on working with natural lighting to help bring the best out of the story. I’m also excited to work with you. So far you do seem to be a director that actually allows other people to get things done.

Brendan: Anything else to add? Any more insults of America you want to hurl out there?

Leticia: I’ll save it for the set. I have MANY more. But for the record, I love America. You always insult the ones you love the most.

Brendan: I’ll keep that in mind.

Help us afford enough glazed donuts to prevent Leticia from storming off set by supporting the SUNDOWN Kickstarter page.

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