Pledge SUNDOWN and Be a Star

My mother Bonnie is a very talented artist in several visual mediums.  When I explained to her how the Kickstarter campaign works, she said she would like to contribute this:

Star Table

That right there is a one-of-a-kind handmade stained glass star suncatcher.  It is an absolutely beautiful piece of craftsmanship that my mother wanted to donate to make the movie SUNDOWN a reality.

There is only one of these (in the world, really), so I thought the most fair way to determine which backer gets it is silent auction style.  So here’s how it’s going to go – the person with the highest TOTAL pledge (this includes new bids and increases of existing bids) between now (Friday June 3 at 10am) and Monday June 6 at noon eastern wins this unique piece of art hand crafted by my extremely gifted mother.  Help support the movie and get yourself some seriously cool original art.  For scale and general cuteness, here’s a pic of me and my mom holding the star:

Star Brendan Mom


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