Cast Conversation: Nina Kremer as Piper

The role of ten-year old Piper will be played by (ironically enough) ten-year old Nina Kremer:

Even though she’s relatively new to film acting, Nina is a theater work veteran. I typed with her on the ol’ computer box as she took a break from doing whatever it is that ten-year olds do:

Brendan: Are you a really fast typer like I am?

Nina: Not at all.

Brendan: Want to have a typing race?

Nina: Sure.

Brendan: Ok, so we each type the first sentence of the Constitution and whoever gets it first gets a dollar. Ready? Go! “We the people of the United States in order to form a more perfect union…” that’s all I know.

Nina: We the people… you win

Brendan: You owe me a dollar.

Nina: I don’t have a dollar.

Brendan: Betting with kids is the worst. So what do you like about acting?

Nina: That you get to step out of your own life a step into another person’s life. My mom says it keeps me off the streets.

Brendan: Is your life that terrible that you want to step out of it? You seem like you’ve got a pretty good life going.

Nina: No, but it is fun to see what it is like to be another person. I like my life.

Brendan: That’s good. So you’re in what grade now? (I know nothing about kids.)

Nina: 4th grade.

Brendan: Have you told the other kids you’re going to be in a movie?

Nina: I have fun reminding them. They think it’s cool.

Brendan: Anyone jealous of you?

Nina: Oh definitely.

Brendan: Nice. What are you most looking forward to about making the movie?

Nina: Seeing what it’s like to work with people taller than children for a change.

Brendan: Yes, Grayson‘s very tall.

Nina: And not a child!

Brendan: Technically not, I guess.

Nina: Which character do you most identify with?

Brendan: Ooooo… good question. I think I actually relate the most to Tracy, who is your mom. How about you – which one do you relate to the most?

Nina: Piper, I guess.

Brendan: It’s ok. You already got the part. Did your agent tell you to say that?

Nina: No, my mom did.

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