It’s time for SUNDOWN

Thank you so much for stopping by the SUNDOWN page.  We are a very small independent film and every set of eyeballs that falls on us helps more than you realize.  So thank you for your eyeballs.

In about a week or so, we are going to launch our Kickstarter campaign to help fund what is a pretty sizeable endeavor.  If you are interested in backing this film, please do!  Keep an eyeball (what is with me and eyeballs today?) on this space, the SUNDOWN Facebook and Twitter pages, and the Kickstarter site for details on how to help make our film a reality.  And spread the word!  Independent film is a grass roots effort and we need not only your help, but the help of your friends, your grandmother, your grandmother’s uncle, your cousin’s barber’s teetotalin’ assistant dog groomer.  Tell people about SUNDOWN and make this film a reality.

Much love as always,


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